The GIV Fellowship places young adults (18-24) across Colorado in a remote fellowship with grant-making foundations. The program is designed for individuals from underrepresented communities in the philanthropic sector to 1) gain experience in the field, and 2) provide community & youth insight into foundation operations. Fellows will split their time between being together in a cohort with YouthRoots to learn the basics of philanthropy and being placed in a (virtual) internship at one of the participating host foundations. Participants will be paid $17/hour for 8 hours/week during the fall semester.

A big welcome and thank you to Allia and Giovanna for their interest, passion and contributions to AJL! We are so thrilled they're here and you can learn more about them below.



Allia Alrodan

Allia Alrodan is a 5th year International Student at the University of Colorado Boulder where she is pursuing a dual degree in International Affairs and Communication. Allia has a unique background of growing up between both the Middle East and the United States, allowing her to understand cultures on a deeper level, and developing her cross-cultural communication skills. She is a highly motivated and adaptable individual who is passionate about intentional anti-racism work; using her voice and experiences to make real, tangible change within the spaces she occupies. She is enthusiastic to work with the AJL foundation through the GIV Fellowship to learn more about philanthropic initiatives and further her goals of making the world a more equitable place, starting with Colorado. She hopes to use this experience to move her into a career in politics, or policy-focused nonprofit organizations.


Giovanna Burno

I am a chaotically dedicated woman. I am passionate about helping people and using my time to find out who I want to be, not who people think I should be. I  love reading and k-dramas, and my pets. I want to improve the world, teaching and advocacy both give me a way to do so and to improve people's life, making sure that they know there are people who care, who WANT them to be the perfect little messes people are. I love my dog and cats, they all act as if not being pet for 20 seconds is a sign of abuse, which is how it should be!