Direct Investing

Mission and Program Related Investments

The Impact Cycle

Mission and program related investments enable AJL to invest directly in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations that support families and youth in a variety of ways and generate below-market returns. The funds are then returned and recycled back out into the community. AJL is dedicating up to 10% of our portfolio - approximately $1.6 million - to MRIs and PRIs at below market interest rates and flexible terms.  If your organization is interested in discussing an MRI or PRI opportunity, please reach out to Kristi Petrie at 

Program Related Investment

Sistahbiz Loan Fund

The Challenge: Sistahbiz Global Network is a nonprofit business accelerator providing affordable options for coaching, training and services to help Black women grow, succeed and play big in business. Despite having investment-ready businesses at graduation, many Sistahbiz clients are denied small business loans or venture capital funding due to deeply embedded systemic bias and barriers to accessing capital.  

The Opportunity: Recognizing that entrepreneurship is a path to economic opportunity, stability and wealth and businesses are also an asset that can pass from one generation to another, AJL partnered with Sistahbiz and CEDS Finance to seed the Sistahbiz Loan Fund with $100,000 @ 2% interest over 8 years.

The Impact: 1) Black women entrepreneurs in Colorado have access to small business loans ranging from $500 to $50,000 at 7% - 12% interest over 5 years, 2) the launch of the first small business loan fund dedicated to Black women entrepreneurs in the nation, 3) AJL's contribution plus a match from CEDS Finance total a first commitment of $250,000 with the goal to reach $1 million, 4) an opportunity to directly address and raise awareness of systemic bias and barriers in our financial systems both nationally and locally in Colorado. 


Program Related Investment

CASA of the 7th Judicial District

The Issue: CASA of the 7th Judicial District was facing increased rent on space they had outgrown, and it made more financial sense to purchase an office building. However, CASA had recently completed a capital campaign to raise money to build affordable housing units for youth aging out of foster care. Their donors were tapped, and with the small down payment they could afford, they were not getting great terms from the lender for a mortgage. 

The Opportunity: AJL partnered with CASA to make a low interest loan of $100,000 @ 2% interest over 10 years for a down payment to purchase a building.

The Impact: CASA was able to 1) show a lower debt/equity ratio on the purchase which resulted in a better interest rate from traditional lenders, 2) save approximately $60,000 in interest over the life of the mortgage, 3) secure a building that allowed them to enhance services, create a resource center and job training for youth and generate revenue.  Read more here.