To invest in people, programs and movements that benefit Colorado's youth and families.


To best serve Colorado's families and youth, AJL is committed to using all of our resources to generate positive social impact. We do that through grantmaking, direct investing and impact investing.


Compassion, Humility and Learning

We recognize we are neither the experts nor the authority on the issues we work on, and we enter every partnership and conversation with compassion, humility and in the spirit of learning.

Respect and Trust

We respect and trust our colleagues, partners and the communities we serve and recognize them as the experts on their experiences.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

In pursuit of equity, we honor and value diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds and are committed to inclusive practices to ensure decisions are made and informed by diverse colleagues, partners and communities.

Mission-Aligned Resources

We are committed to prioritizing positive social impact as well as financial return across our investments to support the communities we serve wherever possible.


Amy & John Lawton

The AJL Foundation was established  in 2011 by Amy S. and John E. Lawton. Philanthropy is part of the heritage of the Lawton family that has been passed down through the generations. The Lawton family has given freely to nonprofits, groups and the community where such gifts provided support for those in need and never had an expectation of receiving anything in return other than the knowledge that it had given back to others.

They believed every person deserves respect and the opportunity to be empowered to improve his or her life.

It has been the philosophy of the Founders to offer a hand-up, rather than a hand-out. In order to continue the Lawton family’s philosophy and beliefs in philanthropy, AJL Foundation was created to invest in the people, programs and movements that benefit Colorado's youth and families.