The AJL Foundation invests in people, programs and movements that benefit Colorado's youth and families. We recognize that in order to increase impact and better serve more Colorado youth and families, we have a responsibility to align our portfolio and investments as closely as possible with our mission and prioritize both social impact and financial returns.

AJL has found the process of more closely aligning investments with mission to be a journey that requires navigating the complex landscape of varying advisor investing beliefs and philosophies, structures, strategies and capabilities, as well as wading through commonly held myths, confusion and misunderstandings around impact investing.  For other organizations that might be interested in this journey, we are happy to share learnings and resources. We have included a timeline of our journey and links to resources below and will continue to update it as we move through the journey to impact investing.

Steps in AJL's journey to impact investing:

This post is the fourth in a series about AJL’s journey to impact investing. Other posts in the series can be viewed here: 

Additional Resources

Case Studies and Examples



Any questions about impact investing or to explore a potential PRI partnership with AJL, please contact Kristi Petrie, Executive Director at or 720-308-4431.