In 2020, AJL brought together families and youth, professionals working in human services and education, and AJL Board and staff members to select 20 nonprofit organizations serving families and youth to each receive a $20,000 general operating support grant. The final conversation revolved around the question: "What needs to change to better serve our families and youth?" AJL's grant partners asked us to pass their important responses and messages on to the field of philanthropy, so as promised, please enjoy their gift here and carry it with you into 2021.

Meet AJL's 2020 Grant Partners here and the Grantmaking Committee here.

You can also learn about our participatory grantmaking process here.

Other years' reflections on the participatory grantmaking process can be seen here:

The Exchange

Writer, Performer and Engineer: TeRay Esquibel
Producer: Orion Creates
Artwork: Avery Esquibel-Valle, age 13
Inspired by the 2023 cohort of AJL Foundation Grant Partners and Grantmaking Committee
Meet our 2023 grantmaking committee and 2023 grant partners here.

It is always about the Collective

a live scribe poetic reflection by Molina Speaks
as informed by the 2022-23 Cohort of AJL Grantees
Image credit: Fannypack 
Music by DJ Icewater 
Meet our 2022 grantmaking committee and 2022 grant partners here.

WE (A Litany)

a live scribe poetic reflection by Adrian H Molina 
as informed by the 2021-22 Cohort of AJL Grantees
Image credit: Terah (9th grade)
Meet our 2021 grantmaking committee and 2021 grant partners here.